Free Play of Wooden Screws

This post is in response to Gary’s comment on the November 12 post “Using the Tap”. Yes, an amount of “Free Play” or “Looseness” is important when making wooden screws. One advantage of the thread making method covered in these posts is that the fit of the screw to the threaded hole is adjustable. AContinue reading “Free Play of Wooden Screws”

Making Screw Blanks

The method that I use to make threaded screws requires a precisely made blank. First the blanks are made square; in this case 1-3/4″ x 1-3/4″. Then the corners are sawn off to make them octagonal. After being sawn to length the blanks are rough turned on the wood lathe. The far end of theContinue reading “Making Screw Blanks”

Master Screws

This method of cutting wooden threads depends on master screws. These are used to guide the blanks through the die and establish the pitch of the thread being cut. Above are my three 1″ diameter master screws and two of the brass nuts that are essential for their use. The bottom screw is a ‘doubleContinue reading “Master Screws”

The Die Cutter

In my wooden screw making efforts a “Eureka!” moment was the realization that the thread cutting tool can be made of two rectangular blanks clamped together to form a “vee” cutter. The material is High Speed Steel M2 lathe cutter blanks. The two part cutter is easier to make and easier to sharpen. Here youContinue reading “The Die Cutter”

Further thoughts on mould construction

Those of you who are interested in paper mould construction may wish to read comments posted by Serge Pirard of Belgium. Serge studied with the late Ron Macdonald and makes moulds in the same tradition. His comments appear at the bottom of my September 14th post about repairing a paper mould.

Soap Flake Finish for Finishing Press?

The photo doesn’t show very much but this wood finish has intrigued me since I first read about it in Fine Woodworking a few years ago. It seems that in Scandinavian countries it is not uncommon to finish wood with soap flakes! Usually this is done for light colored woods like Beech. I followed theContinue reading “Soap Flake Finish for Finishing Press?”

Repairing a broken paper mould

A lot of gorgeous paper was made on this mould before it broke. I undertook to return it to a useable condition and learned a few things in the process. The mould had problems with sides that warped outwards. Braces had been added to restrain this but weakened the mould frame, resulting in a breakContinue reading “Repairing a broken paper mould”