Multiple Height Press

A press with interchangeable legs for changing its height

Finishing presses often need to be fairly tall to support books well at the spine. These days it is difficult to find suitable wood that is wide enough to make tall presses. Tall presses are also more likely to have problems with jaws that ‘cup’, giving uneven pressure on the sides of the text block. This press, with interchangeable legs for different heights, may solve most of the problems and possibly introduce some new benefits. The recent completion of a ‘bottoming tap’ made this design possible since the legs need to screw into ‘blind’ holes. The press is nice and ‘beefy’ up near the spine and with the cut-in bevels the screws can be set near the top so the pressure is applied where it is most needed. The legs are very sturdy and can be screwed tightly into their sockets. The press is very stable; especially when the legs are more widely spread as when a book is clamped between the jaws.

This is the press in its lowest form, 3-1/2″ tall with no legs attached.

Here the press has short legs and is 5-5/8″ tall.

Here the press is 7-5/8″ tall. Even longer legs could be made to lift the press higher.

With two legs the press can tilt.

Detail showing tapped leg sockets.

One of the two prototypes got turned around in a jig and ended up with steeper side bevels. Maybe that’s good?

Introductory price for the prototypes was $325.00. Both presses have now been sold.

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