Repair Presses

Small Repair Press

A small (12″) Repair Press. The jaws are 1-7/8″ thick and 2-5/8″ tall. The legs bring the total height up to about 9″. Made of Hard Maple. Screws have a pitch of 4 threads per inch. Price $354.00. Two presses are in stock.

Large Repair Press

A large (15″) Repair Press. This version has longer jaws and longer legs to bring the height up to 11″. Price $367.00. Six of these presses are in stock.

Both of these presses have been big sellers for me. They are popular in conservation labs, book arts programs and with individuals.

Gary Frost demonstrating how to jog pages on a marble slab for a type of adhesive binding. The press will be set upright after this step.
Photo courtesy of Gary Frost.

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