Signature Punch

Model #5 Signature Punch

A new simple, lower cost design that offers easy set-up and consistent results.

This is my new Signature Punch. I’ve been making these for decades. This is the fifth version, designed to be easier for me to make while keeping all of the capabilities of the previous models. The tool comes with 24 sharpened stainless steel pins and a set of six pin strips with precisely drilled holes in different spacings to give a great deal of choice when designing book structures. Nicely made of Tulip Poplar finished with acrylic varnish. I’ve only completed two prototypes so far but more are in the works.

Here we see the...

This tool pre-punches sewing holes one signature at a time. Set up is easy and the sewing holes will be uniform throughout the edition. Both the spacing of the holes and the depth of the punch are adjustable. Maximum fold/spine length is 16″.

Introductory price $275.00. Extra pins $35.00 per set. Extra pin strips $60.00 per set.

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