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Information on making Wooden Screws and Paper Moulds

Making Wooden Screws

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Making Paper Moulds

A series of posts on my blog

I’ve been making variations on these bookbinding tools for nearly forty years. This is a one person shop with very limited production. The purpose of this website is to have a way to show people the things I make and to gauge interest in the various items for future reference. I also enjoy sharing information about the methods I’ve discovered for making these tools. Please feel welcome to use and adapt any of this for your own purposes.

Some of the presses shown can be made two or three at a time. Other more complex items like the Signature Punch and Repair Presses need to be made in larger batches.

When things are available I’ll indicate that along with current prices. In addition to the listed price there is a packing charge, usually $10.00, to cover the cost of packing supplies and time. Shipping is not included. If you can pick up the tool here at my shop no packing or shipping will be charged but 6% Michigan sales tax will be added. I can take personal checks by mail or I can send you an invoice through PayPal. I will ship to institutions with a purchase order.

The best way to learn more about anything on the site is to email me at scobeymoore@frontiernet.net.

Please visit the menu links to see the tools that I make.

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