Cincinnati Press

A new version of an old press

A new press and more in the works.

A few years ago I was asked by Jeff Peachey to make a new press based on one he liked at The University of Cincinnati. These photos show the result. The original did not have the tying up pins (pictured) which are optional. The press is 7-1/2″ tall with jaws 1-1/4″ thick. This press has 12″ (plus) between the wooden screws.

The original press had screws retained with a wooden key. This is very handsome but makes it nearly impossible to disassemble the press. Most presses don’t need to get taken apart but I may offer a steel retaining pin version of this press. This would be less expensive and easier to take apart. The 12″ size of this press last sold for $305.00 plain and $355.00 with the tying up pins.

A smaller variation

This press has retaining keys made of steel rod. Loosening the screw allows this rod to be removed so the press can be taken apart.

I often find a nice piece of wood that is either too thin or too short to use for my usual presses. I have recently completed a tap and die to produce a new screw thread (1-1/32″ diameter, 5 threads per inch) which allows me to make screws and presses from some of this wood. The screws are a bit small for bigger presses but work well for small presses. I liked the Cincinnati Press so I tried the new screws out on a smaller version. The press is 5-7/8″ tall and has jaws that are 1-1/4″ thick. There is a little over 10″ between the screws.

These smaller presses last sold for $275.00

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