Experiments with a Bookbinding Plough

I’ve long been intrigued with the challenge of making bookbinding ploughs. A problem has been finding a source of knives. (Please let me know if you have any suggestions). The knife used in this post is high quality but it is small and not suitable for trimming thick books. This post details a method ofContinue reading “Experiments with a Bookbinding Plough”

Corrected Errors for Posts #19,#56 etc. Regarding Wire Temper

Wire Tempers from Soft to Hard: Annealed (softest): Used for chain wires and for stitching the wire to the ribs. 1/2 Hard: I believe that Amies used this for laid wires. 3/4 Hard: I have been using this for laid wires with good results. Full Hard: I have been (mistakenly) believing that this was harderContinue reading “Corrected Errors for Posts #19,#56 etc. Regarding Wire Temper”