Fitting Backing and Facing to a Double Faced Laid Mould

The mould frame is finished, a backing and a facing have been made for it. Now the parts are fitted together prior to sewing the wires to the ribs. Fitting the Backing The twists on one side are trimmed to fit into the notches cut in the frame. The backing has been made wider thanContinue reading “Fitting Backing and Facing to a Double Faced Laid Mould”

Finishing the Mould Frame

This post covers the remaining steps needed to prepare a double faced laid mould to receive its wire facing and backing. The topic of ledges and how they relate to backing wires in wove and laid moulds seems to need some explanation. It is important to understand the purpose of these structures so this postContinue reading “Finishing the Mould Frame”

Definitions of some Unfamiliar Terms

Defining some terms may make these posts easier to understand. I have chosen some words when a traditional term was not known to me. The terms are in italics; accompanying text and photos are intended to define and explain their meaning. ~frame sides: The two longer parts of the mould frame parallel to the laidContinue reading “Definitions of some Unfamiliar Terms”

Pinning Ribs, Corners and Brace Rods

Metal pins are used to improve the connection between the parts of the mould. Holes are drilled and pins are driven down through the frame and rib pegs. These are made of 1/16″ unfluxed brazing rod that I bought from a welding supply house. Ribs are not glued and the pins make certain that theContinue reading “Pinning Ribs, Corners and Brace Rods”

Fitting Corner Braces

For these moulds both the braces and rub strips are made from polycarbonate sheet. To make rub strips narrow pieces are sawed and cut to length. Like the braces they are made slightly oversized and trimmed off later. Rub strips are attached with brass escutcheon pins. They are drilled in the same way that theContinue reading “Fitting Corner Braces”

Fitting Waterbars and Brace Rods

Before the corner joints of a mould are glued a brace rod must be fitted. It will pass through all the ribs and be anchored in the frame at both ends. Waterbars also need to be fitted along the ends of each mould. The waterbars are really just little ribs and have the function ofContinue reading “Fitting Waterbars and Brace Rods”