Posts about Wooden Screws are now replicated as website pages. I’ll delete the blog posts soon.

I just today(!) discovered the function of the category and tag links so moving the posts may not have been needed. But the information is nearly identical so I’ll ‘clean up’ the blog by deleting these posts. I’m planning a new set of posts related to making paper moulds. This may be a much biggerContinue reading “Posts about Wooden Screws are now replicated as website pages. I’ll delete the blog posts soon.”

A Brief History of my screw making efforts

The following post gives an overview of the development of the wooden screw making methods I’ve developed. Along with the tools and methods and how they evolved I will provide a more personal story line for those who are interested. Above are the first taps and dies that were made using the 1977 Fine WoodworkingContinue reading “A Brief History of my screw making efforts”

Thread Design for Wooden Screws

This post will attempt to explain a method of designing a thread of any size; a necessary step before starting to make the threading tools; tap and die. (1) Choosing a Thread Angle The first step is to decide on the THREAD ANGLE. Many threads in metal and in wood have 60 degree thread angles.Continue reading “Thread Design for Wooden Screws”

Truing a blank with the Router Lathe

The router lathe spins the screw blank between centers while a router slowly traverses from right to left, truing the blank. I made this around 1996 for a PBI class at Penland. It wasn’t motorized then so the students had to crank it by hand. The blank is driven at the headstock by a nailContinue reading “Truing a blank with the Router Lathe”

Free Play of Wooden Screws

This post is in response to Gary’s comment on the November 12 post “Using the Tap”. Yes, an amount of “Free Play” or “Looseness” is important when making wooden screws. One advantage of the thread making method covered in these posts is that the fit of the screw to the threaded hole is adjustable. AContinue reading “Free Play of Wooden Screws”