#12 Gluing Moulds

This mould has had epoxy applied to the corner joints and is secured with spring clamps while the glue cures. The dents left by the clamps poking into the wood will be covered by brass sheathing. Using clamping cauls eliminates the dents for moulds without sheathing. This mould is ready to glue and clamp. AtContinue reading “#12 Gluing Moulds”

#5 Mould Frame Joinery

Cut parts to length, scribe and mark joints To make the mould and deckle fit together properly you need to know the deckle overlap (A), the width of the deckle (A+B) and the amount of space to leave between mould and deckle (C). More detail on this will follow later in this post. The mouldContinue reading “#5 Mould Frame Joinery”