A spoiled facing.

This was to be a post about improvement. The laid wires were straighter and the facing much improved. Instead, in a few thoughtless seconds, scrap!

After the laid facing was completely finished I cranked too far and look what happened. The bottom of the wire twisting mechanism started to run into the wire slides and push them down. This stretched the chain wires and wrecked the facing. (I had noticed some resistance as the facing was being made and was trying to see what caused it by cranking some more. )

The facing started out very well. The laid wires pulled very straight after adding a new fixture to the wire straightener. See “An Addition” at the bottom of Post #19.

The wire worked beautifully. It was to be another 12″ x 18″ fine laid facing. It is a first attempt of 27 laid wires per inch using some new sizes of wire. Laid wires are .0158″ diameter and chain wire is .0106″.

The chain wires stretched well up into the body of the facing.

You can see how the wire slides are being pushed down. The wire weights have already been removed. I pulled a few laid wires out after cutting the facing off the loom and found that they can be re-used to make a new facing to replace this one.

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