A spoiled facing. This was to be a post about improvement. The laid wires were straighter and the facing much improved. Instead, in a few thoughtless seconds, scrap! After the laid facing was completely finished I cranked too far and look what happened. The bottom of the wire twisting mechanism started to run into theContinue reading “OOPS!”

#58 Making a Very Fine Laid Facing

At 30 wires per inch this is the finest facing I’ve ever made. After running tests to see what size chain wire to use I set out to make a facing for a 12″ x 18″ mould. The laid wires are .0144″ diameter 3/4 hard phosphor bronze and the chain wire is .0102″ diameter annealedContinue reading “#58 Making a Very Fine Laid Facing”

#47 Making a 24″ x 36″ Laid Facing

The largest laid facing I’ve made measured 30″ x 40″ but that was more than twenty years ago. Until now I hadn’t hadn’t made a very large facing on my new loom. There was no reason to think that it wouldn’t work but I was pleased to get a positive result. This mould maker’s loomContinue reading “#47 Making a 24″ x 36″ Laid Facing”

#20 Making Laid Facings

For a detailed look at how this loom functions go this site: paper.lib.uiowa.edu/epm*. Here you will find an extensive list of related internet links. Near the bottom of the list select “Z3”. It will take you to a video that I made of the process of making a laid facing on this loom. The qualityContinue reading “#20 Making Laid Facings”

#19 Straightening Paper Mould Laid Wires

Wire can be purchased in coils or on spools. In either case the wire comes off curved. In order to make a laid paper mould facing or backing it is necessary to make it much straighter. Above, a piece of .0226″ diameter 1/2 hard phosphor bronze wire right off the spool resting on some ofContinue reading “#19 Straightening Paper Mould Laid Wires”