#16 Leveling the Ribs

The wooden structure of the mould is complete; now the tops of the ribs are scraped level in preparation for sewing down the wire facing. I like to pre-load the mould with weights before leveling the ribs. This gives the mould a very subtle camber; an extremely shallow arch in all directions. The forces ofContinue reading “#16 Leveling the Ribs”

#7 Shaping the Rib Pegs

Paper Mould ribs connect with the outer frame by means of small pegs formed on their ends. These rest in holes bored into the frame at regular intervals. The ribs on the left have finished pegs; on the right they are only partly completed. The tool in the middle is used to help machine theContinue reading “#7 Shaping the Rib Pegs”

#4 Shaping Rib Stock

The wood that has been seasoned for making ribs now needs to be straightened and shaped to a distinctive ‘tear drop’ shape. This is narrow at the top so as not to obstruct the flow of water while forming sheets yet wide enough at the bottom to form pegs at the ends. These rest inContinue reading “#4 Shaping Rib Stock”