#10 Assembling the Mould Frame and Ribs

The first step in putting a mould together involves only the ribs and the four pieces of the frame. Other parts; a brass brace rod and extra ribs called waterbars will follow. You may recall that one edge of each frame piece was intentionally left rough. This bottom edge is now smoothed by a singleContinue reading “#10 Assembling the Mould Frame and Ribs”

#7 Shaping the Rib Pegs

Paper Mould ribs connect with the outer frame by means of small pegs formed on their ends. These rest in holes bored into the frame at regular intervals. The ribs on the left have finished pegs; on the right they are only partly completed. The tool in the middle is used to help machine theContinue reading “#7 Shaping the Rib Pegs”