#15 Pinning Ribs, Corners and Brace Rods

Metal pins are used to improve the connection between the parts of the mould. Holes are drilled and pins are driven down through the frame and rib pegs. These are made of 1/16″ unfluxed brazing rod that I bought from a welding supply house. Ribs are not glued and the pins make certain that the sides of the mould don’t spread.

A piece of rod is pointed on a grinding belt and pieces trimmed off to length with these flush cutters. I grind the other ends flat to make them drive better when they are hammered in.

Slightly undersized holes are drilled so the pins fit tightly.

I twist the ends on a block of beeswax before driving them in.

Every third rib is fastened this way. The other side will match so each of these five ribs will be secured at both ends.

A hole is drilled off-center through the brace rod end. This way the pin will pass through the plastic part while missing the brass rod.

These corner pins are started near the inside of the corner and slanted outward. This will leave room for hammering in the nails that will be used later to fasten the copper edge strips at the corners.

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