#44 Preparing a Deckle for Sheathing

One of the moulds being made has some experimental features. It and its deckle are made of larch; an early effort of mine to start looking for alternatives to tropical hardwoods. I sheathed the mould in brass, mainly to demonstrate sheathing on the blog. The larch deckle will also be sheathed. This gives me anContinue reading “#44 Preparing a Deckle for Sheathing”

#42 Final Shaping of the Deckle

If the deckle belongs to a laid mould small grooves are filed into the rim where the chain wires stick up. Placing the deckle on the mould and rubbing it around will cause the chain wires to leave visible dents in the wood. The deckle is turned 180 degrees and rubbed on the mould thatContinue reading “#42 Final Shaping of the Deckle”

#41 Shaping the Deckle Part 1

Rounding the Outside Edges First the corners are sawed off at 45 degree angles. This can be done on the table saw using this overhanging fence. This roughing stage is finished. The lower deckle has been partially rounded over with a router. One more fine cut will take off the last rough saw marks. ThisContinue reading “#41 Shaping the Deckle Part 1”