#43 Adjusting a Deckle

(Another advantage of the ‘pinwheel’ joint)

This mould and deckle were intended to be an A4 size. In converting from metric I made an error and ended up with a deckle that was too loose in one direction. (It fit fine the other way). Since the deckle was made with joints in a ‘pinwheel’ orientation it was possible to correct this. If the joints had been ‘opposing’ it could be adjusted only one way. (About half the time you’d be out of luck).

Adjusting the deckle requires re-working the joints of the tenon side; making the tenons longer by cutting back some wood at their bases. Often, only two of the joints (at opposite corners of the deckle, diagonally) will need to be altered. That was the case here since the deckle fit fine the other way.

The joints are glued in the usual fashion and the overhanging wood is cut away.

I’ve only had to adjust a deckle in this way twice. It is extra work and best avoided. The main advantage of pinwheel joints is saving labor when cutting them, but here is another small advantage.

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