#22-1/2 Fitting the Laid Facing to a Single Faced Mould

This fills a gap in this sequence of posts. These few photos should provide enough information since the differences between this and the other two types of mould are covered elsewhere in the blog.

The facing is taped in place just like the double faced laid but directly above the ribs without any backing wire below.

The top edge of the ribs have been made a little narrower than those of the double faced and wove moulds.

This mould started out as my first and only attempt at making a laid facing the original way; on the mould, one laid wire at a time. This is the explanation for the extra holes, scars and divots along the top edge. This attempt was not successful and the unfinished hand made laid facing was replaced with this one made on my loom.

The chain wire still needs to be moved back to fit into the ‘trap groove’. More tape will be added at the ends to cover the wire edges before the mould is sewn.

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