Order of Operations

Paper Mould and Deckle Construction

Following is a list of the topics I plan to cover as I document some European style moulds and deckles that I am making. As you can see this is a big topic. Some fairly simple steps are covered but others will be rather vast. I won’t follow a strictly traditional method of making moulds; instead I intend to extensively document the method I have arrived at after almost 40 years in the trade. If all goes well over the next few months pages will be added to cover all of these steps in detail.

Season Wood

Rough Wood to just over final dimensions

Sharpen Tools

Prepare Frame pieces

Cut Frame Joints

Waterbar Mortises

Prepare Ribs

Drill Sewing Holes

Fit Ribs to Frame

Fitting Stays

Assemble and Glue Mould

Clean up Mould Frame and fit Brackets and Rub Strips

Pin Ribs and flatten Ribs

Straighten Laid Wires

Make Backing and Facing on Loom

Fit Wire Facing and Backing to Frame

Sew down Facing

Make Deckle Parts

Deckle Joints

Deckle Camber

Deckle Glue Up

Deckle Final Fit to Mould

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