Automatic Drilling machine

I’ve been making Signature Punches for over 35 years. Once or twice a year this drill press, with the addition of a home-made drive train, does duty as an automatic drilling machine. There is more information about the process on the website page “Pin Strip Drilling Machine”.

Automatic Drilling Machine for drilling Signature Punch pin strips

2 thoughts on “Automatic Drilling machine

  1. A good example of mindful automation is the giant cam set of the Linotype. This cam set revolves one full turn activating twenty-three operations of line-casting in a cycle of eleven seconds. The operator is occupied setting lines of newspaper copy and depends on machine automation to do the line-casting. Curiously both the operator and the machine are monitoring each other using time pacing. Consciousness and unconsciousness are at work. Physicists, philosophers and psychologists make a big deal of different perceptions of time.


  2. (continued) Physicists use magnitudes of time irrelevant to mortal cognition, philosophers consider timeless qualitative existence and psychologists examine time as a by-product of individual consciousness. So, there must be a fourth kind of practitioner that automates drilling of piercing jig pin sockets. Some sort of automation poetic is at work. The automation begins with a reduction of motor speed transmitted to single cycle rotation that performs a drill decent and return. Each press action cycle is followed by indexed action to advance stock and repeat drilling along a course until a switch trip stops the automation. This automation is a ductile replica of manual drilling. Automation design imagines its own timing which seems, when the practitioner returns, instantaneous but takes a longer while.


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