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This surface grinder helps me make wooden threads. Topics to follow may include Paper Mould making, Book Press making, Making Wooden Threads and others, small and large, somewhat related to these.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! I’ve been looking for years for some useful and well documented information about wooden screws!!! Wonderfully done! Well explained with pictures, drawings and writing. As a little boy I saw some big wooden screws from wine presses. I not only saw them, I was able to touch them. In fact, my father recovered two giant wooden screws from old wine presses from his home village. They were laying around in some cellars and not any more used dismantled ‘lagares’ (Portuguese) ( and would have rotten away, if not restored.
    They have this size :
    But despite the awesomeness I was genuinely intrigued by ‘How do they managed to do those? HOW?’
    Your blog has answered a part of my questions and the video shows also, thanks the close-ups :’), the marks of the process (carving) of the screw-making, but still, how did he, and all of them before managed do do the big nuts?
    Just love and like to understand how things work and even if it is apparently just a common screw.
    Best regards from Luxemburg,
    Marinho Michel


    1. Thanks Marinho! I too am puzzled about these large screws used for wine presses. You can see that the screw in the video is hand carved and I can understand how that would be possible (but very much work). And for the first time having viewed the video I can understand that it would be possible to carve a large nut, too.


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